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        What can I claim?

        The medical negligence compensation calculator below provides approximate guide as to the amount of compensation you could be awarded for your injury. Damages for more complex injuries have to be assessed on an individual basis. We can also claim future expenses that may be incurred such as future care and assistance, loss of earnings and treatment.

        It is important to point out when using the medical negligence compensation calculator that every claim for injury is different and therefore the compensation awarded to you may be more than what is listed via the medical negligence compensation calculator. calculator

        The level of damages will depend upon a number of factors such as the level off anticipated recovery, any permanent symptoms and whether there is any scarring and to what extent. If the client will have to undergo numerous operations with rehabilitation this will increase the level of damages awarded.

        The experienced, friendly legal teams at the Specter Partnership are able to offer a FREE initial assessment of your claim.
        We will be able to guide you as to what you may be entitled to claim. Don't hesitate to contact us we are here to help. There are two areas of compensation that your solicitor may refer to, they are:

        General Damages

        General Damages are the monetary compensation awarded for the injury and suffering which you sustained as a result of a non-fault accident. Your injuries will be confirmed and reported on by a Medical Expert, the settlement figure will be negotiated and only accepted when you are in agreement with the figure offered by the third party representatives.

        Special Damages

        Special Damages are the recovery of funds you have paid out, or have lost because of the accident you were involved in. This can include; loss of earnings and future loss of earnings, the cost of; medical treatment, hospital travel among others, we do ask that you keep receipts in support of any loss incurred.

        The client has a duty to mitigate their losses this means that you must keep your losses to a minimum. Should you have to spend money because of the accident you were involved in, please retain your receipts as we can then include these within the recovery of your special damages.

        We advise that you discuss any potential loss with your solicitor as once a settlement figure is agreed it is usually in full and final settlement.

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