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        Vulnerable Road Users - Pedestrians

        Why are you a Vulnerable Road User as a Pedestrian?

        At the end of 2016, there were 37.3 million vehicles on the roads of Great Britain, of which 30.9 million were cars (Vehicle Licensing Stats Gov UK).

        Safety Features
        Cars are equipped with many safety features such as airbags, which deploy in the event of an accident, seat belts, shatter resistant glass, anti-lock brakes, stability control, lights, mirrors and bumpers, all of which to some extent protect the driver and the passengers of the vehicle.

        In practical terms a driver will often carry insurance that includes a legal expenses policy, whereas being a pedestrian may mean you do not have the benefit of such a policy, which would enable you to pursue a claim. The terms of your household insurance policy may include this type of cover, but it may not assist you in cases where proving the driver was at fault is complex.

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