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        Vulnerable Road Users - Horse Riders

        Why are Horse Riders vulnerable on the roads of the UK?

        Accidents involving horses and their riders are more common than most people expect.

        Between 2010 and 2017, over 222 horses were killed road accidents and 38 riders died because of the injuries sustained in road traffic accidents. The primary cause of these incidents (80% to be exact) is because vehicles were driving too close to the horse or at excessive speed.

        Even experienced riders can fall victim and although they are fewer in number, road accidents involving horses and their riders tend to be more serious than those involving just cars.

        Riders can take steps to protect themselves by wearing hi-viz clothing or by avoiding busy routes, however, sometimes the only route to a bridleway is via a public road.

        We can help you if you have been involved in an accident whilst riding your horse. As well as offering a free initial consultation, we largely operate on a No Win No Fee basis. In addition to financial compensation, we can assist you with medical rehabilitation for your injuries and further compensation for veterinary fees if your horse was also injured.

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