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        Spinal Injury Solicitors

        A spinal or back pain injury can be sustained in a variety of ways and can lead to very severe consequences. Common instances where someone may suffer such an injury are:

        • Accidents at Work

          If your terms of employment require you to lift or move heavy objects, then it is the responsibility of your employer to make sure that you are adequately trained before you commence your role: If the correct training has not been given and you injure yourself then you may be entitled to claim compensation.

        • Road Traffic Accidents

          Back or spinal injuries may be common following a road accident but it is a specialist area of claim and you should always be represented by a highly qualified and experienced solicitor.

        • Slips, Trips or Falls

          A fracture to the vertebrae or a sprain to the ligaments in the back, cause different types of pain, which can last for days or months and be mild or severe in nature. You should always seek medical advice. When possible take a photograph of the area or item that caused your accident this will be useful for your solicitor, should you decide to make a claim for compensation.

          Call our clinical and medical negligence solicitors on freephone 020 3733 1834, or fill in our easy to use form and give us a time to call that works best for you.

        • Sporting Accidents

          Partaking in fast-paced, intense sports such as football, rugby, cycling or horse-racing can sometimes lead to serious injury. An injury to the back can severely limit movement. This may be short or long term and can be life changing for you and your family.

          A spinal cord injury can be devastating; At the Specter Partnership we will ensure that you receive specialist medical care, rehabilitation and long-term support.

        • Cycling Injury Claims

          Whether you use your bicycle for commuting, sport or pleasure, the benefits of cycling are well publicised. It’s therefore not surprising that the number of cyclists on UK roads is definitely increasing. Unfortunately the number of people injured in cycling accidents has also increased. There are several reasons as to why an accident may occur; it can be an accident with another vehicle, a spillage, a pothole accident, faulty equipment, even pedestrians can put the cyclist at risk.

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