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        Industrial Deafness Claims

        Industrial Deafness Claims

        It is a well-known fact that excessive noise or working in a noisy environment can cause serious hearing problems or tinnitus. It may be that a person's hearing is affected temporarily or permanently. The loss of hearing is measured by degrees and can range from slight loss to total deafness. Hearing is one of the five senses that we can take for granted but to lose ones' hearing can be debilitating and have a dramatic effect on ones' life.

        What Causes Industrial Deafness?

        Exposure to constant, long-term noise or a sudden loud explosion of sound can cause hearing loss. The severity of loss can depend on the exposure. Inside our ears, we grow very small cells and these tiny cells grow hair shafts. The hair shafts will vibrate when they encounter any sound. If these cells or hair shafts are damaged or destroyed our hearing is severely affected and sadly, in some cases, deafness can occur.

        Employers Legal Responsibility

        Employers have a responsibility to ensure safe working conditions. In 1974, laws were passed to protect the employee from being forced to work in dangerous or unsafe conditions. By law, employers are required to provide safety equipment such as ear plugs, safety goggles, gloves, etc. in addition to training of safe practice methods. Employers have a duty and a legal obligation to mitigate any industrial deafness risk that an employee may experience whilst performing their role or duties.

        If you are concerned that your safety or well-being has been compromised by an employer please contact us on 0800 019 3460 so that we can advise and guide you.

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        How we can help you with your Industrial Deafness Claim

        If you or your family are concerned that your level of hearing has deteriorated or if you believe you are a victim of industrial deafness, we can help you with an industrial deafness compensation claim. Our expert Personal Injury Solicitors will arrange for you to be examined by a medical professional.

        The audiologist will perform a few tests to determine the severity of the damage to your hearing and the long-term prognosis. Your solicitor will make relevant enquiries with your employer gathering the information required to validate your industrial deafness claim.

        Our experienced team, who have dealt with a number of these types of claims, will guide you through the complex legal process, ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome to your compensation claim.

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