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        Legal Professional Negligence Claims

        Have you been affected by Legal Professional Negligence?

        You could be seeking legal professional advice for many different reasons. You rely on professional advisors, solicitors and lawyers to help and inform you with accurate decisions and information. Occasionally, professionals can make mistakes and fall below a standard that is expected from them, or knowingly commit solicitor fraud. Theses errors and negligent practices can have a huge impact on your personal life and are grounds for a professional negligence claim.

        The Specter Partnership have the experience and knowledge to appreciate what is needed in order to succeed in making Professional Negligence claims. From the outset, we will guide you through the process.

        We have expertise in bringing claims against various Legal Professionals:

        • Solicitors / Lawyers
        • Barristers
        • Licensed Conveyancers
        Examples involving Solicitors and Barristers include:

        Undersettling a Personal Injury Claim or Clinical Negligence Claim

        There are many ways in which solicitors/barristers can under settle a personal injury claim or clinical negligence claim. The types of professional negligence claims we have seen are:
        • Failing to take into account ongoing injuries and subsequently settling a case at an undervalue, known as under settlement.
        • Failing to claim for your full loss of earnings, pension loss or loss of business
        • Failing to obtain appropriate medical evidence leading to unsettlement or discontinuance of a claim
        • Failing to advise on all alternative funding options leading to an unnecessary deduction from your compensation. For example, you may have had legal expenses insurance in place through your motor or household insurance or Trade Union membership at the time of your accident. If this is the case, the deduction could have been avoided
        • Barristers incorrectly advising on the prospects and value of the claim

        Once a claim has been settled, it is highly unlikely you can claim additional compensation from the party at fault.

        Missing Court Deadlines and Time Limits to bring a Claim

        • Solicitors have failed to take into account the time limits for bringing a claim and as such the client has lost their chance of pursuing a claim to Court
        • Solicitors have failed to comply with court timetables and as a result, claims have been struck out by the Court.
        • Bringing a claim against the wrong Defendant and losing the right to make a claim against the correct Defendant

        Failing to advise on Settlement Offers

        • Solicitors not advising of your liability for the other party's costs

        Undervaluing Divorce Settlements

        • Failing to take into account their spouse’s pension and negligently concluding a divorce settlement at an undervalue
        • Failing to investigate, identify and evaluate the spouse’s full assets in divorce settlements
        • Unenforceable prenuptial agreements due to incorrect advice or drafting

        Incorrectly drafted Wills

        • Failing to include identified beneficiaries in the will arising out of the negligent drafting of a will and associated trust document
        • Failing to have a will properly witnessed
        • Failing to draft and arrange for the execution of a will before the Death of a Testator leading to his estate being distributed under the rules of intestacy


        • Failing to properly administer the estate
        • Delays in applying for Probate
        • Failing to advise on tax implications
        • Distributing the estate without identifying correct beneficiaries

        Commercial Contracts

        • Failure to identify onerous provisions in a contract
        • Solicitor Fraud

          • Knowingly committing solicitor fraud, such as an individual or body pretending to be a solicitor, or regulated individual/firm is involved in a scam.
          • Licenced Conveyancers

            Examples of claims involving Licensed Conveyancers include:
          • Missing a right of way on a new property which may result in a drop in the value of the property
          • Failing to ensure that the property title was put in the correct name
          • Failing to carry out searches to a property, leading to a large decrease in the value of the property
          • Failing to carry out research into building regulations, planning permissions and covenants relating to the purchase of a new property

          What is Legal Professional Negligence?

          In cases where your legal professional has offered negligent legal advice, committed solicitor fraud, undervalued a settlement, missed court deadlines and time limits to bring a claim, you are entitled to claim for legal professional negligence.

          At The Specter Partnership we can assist you in pursuing compensation from your solicitor, barrister or licensed conveyancer for any financial loss incurred. Thinking of suing a solicitor? Have you been affected by an under settlement of personal injury claim? If you believe a legal professional has acted negligently, peak to The Specter Partnership Solicitors today.

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