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        Ground Rent Claims

        There has been a sharp rise in ground rent advice claims for professional negligence against property solicitors, as the issue of leasehold ground rents is coming further into focus.

        Many purchasers of leasehold properties are claiming for professional negligence compensation due to ground rent charges they were never told about.

        This follows a spate of publicity about new-build homes with ground charges that double after a certain timeframe. Some banks and building societies are refusing to lend on these types of leases, essentially making many ‘unsaleable’.

        Economists for the Institute of Directors estimates that 100,000 UK homes have been sold under this type of ownership.

        What is Ground Rent Negligence?

        Negligent ground rent advice claims are becoming more and more common as many homebuyers are realising that they are trapped by the leasehold system due to receiving insufficient advice (or none at all) on ground rent contracts from their solicitor.

        If this has happened to you or a loved one, there are dedicated professional negligence experts who can help you claim for negligent ground rent advice.

        At The Specter Partnership, our legal team have over 25 years’ experience in winning compensation for clients who have received negligent advice from their solicitors or advisers.

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