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        Conveyancing Negligence Claims

        Can I Claim Against My Conveyancing Solicitors?

        As people are more aware of their legal rights these days it is becoming increasingly more common for property and conveyancing solicitors to be sued for professional negligence.

        Conveyancers and solicitors deal with thousands of property transactions nationwide every year so due to the sheer volume mistakes can and do unfortunately happen. These errors or negligent practices can have a detrimental effect on clients finances and emotional well being, leaving them at a loss.

        There are a multitude of ways conveyancers and property solicitors can commit professional negligence and cause clients to lose out. The consequences can range from severe financial difficulties to emotional damages.

        If you believe that you or a loved one has experienced conveyancing fraud or property negligence, there are dedicated professional negligence experts who can help you claim for compensation.

        At The Specter Partnership, our legal team have over 25 years’ experience in winning compensation for clients who have received negligent property advice from their solicitors or advisers.

        Speak to us today for a free consultation about making a claim for professional negligence, and let us get you the compensation you deserve.

        What Is Negligent Conveyancing?

        Some examples of conveyancing and property solicitors negligence are, but not limited to:

        • Negligent or poor advice about matters affecting the property that led to loss
        • Failure to carry out property searches and/or enquiries
        • Failure to advise on information given by sellers or property searches e.g. provisions for road maintenance and sewers
        • Failure to advise on property proximity to environmental issues such as coal mines
        • Failure in a leasehold purchase e.g. did not establish terms of lease are satisfactory
        • Failure to protect vulnerable clients
        • Failure to correctly define property boundaries
        • Missing important provisions in a Contract or Deed
        • Drafting a Deed or Contract with incorrect information or words resulting in you suffering loss
        • Conflicts of interest
        • Mistaken sale of all or part of your land
        • Fraud

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