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        Insurance Broker Negligence

        Who are professional brokers?

        A considerable number of insurance policies are arranged through insurance brokers acting on behalf of the policy holder.
        In general terms, a broker has the following duty of care:
        1. Identify the type and extent of the cover needed by the client.
        2. Arrange the cover for the client in good time.
        3. Ensure the risk is fairly and accurately presented to the insurer.
        4. Explain the terms of the cover to the client.
        Insurers often have a bad image when dealing with professional negligence claims but sometimes the fault lies with the broker.

        What is Broker Negligence?

        There are many ways a broker can fall below a reasonable standard of care, for instance:
        • A total failure to effect the insurance.
        • Underinsuring the risk.
        • Failure to obtain all relevant information from the client.
        • Misrepresenting the risk so the insurer successfully denies the claim.
        • Failing to act with reasonable speed.
        • Mishandling a claim.

        The Specter Partnership will be able to recoup the pay-out you would have been entitled to had you received proper care and advice.

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