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        Accountant Negligence

        Accountant Negligence

        If you have suffered a financial loss due to your accountant’s advice you may be entitled to claim compensation from them. The events that gave rise to the potential claim must be less than 6 years ago.

        To make a claim against your accountant you need to be able to prove a financial loss, or accounting errors, either to you or to your business.

        Making professional negligence claims against your accountant will depend upon whether the accountant has been negligent or whether he or she has provided an inadequate service. For example, a common complaint against an accountant is regarding a delay in the service they are providing.

        A delay is frustrating but amounts to inadequate service rather than negligence and is not usually grounds to claim against your accountant.

        Making a Claim Against Your Accountant

        At The Specter Partnership we are specialists in accountant negligence. You may be able to claim against your accountant where they have made accounting errors such as:-
        • Provided incorrect tax advice.
        • Missed an important deadline. For example, an annual return.
        • Failed to advise on any liability that you may incur.
        • Valuing company assets inaccurately.
        • Negligent investment advice.
        • Failed to properly deal with an insolvency claim.
        Whether you will have a professional negligence claim against an accountant will depend on a number of issues. These include:
        • Establishing that the accountant owed a duty to you.
        • That there was a failure to provide services in a way which could reasonably be expected of an accountant.
        • As a direct result of accounting errors, you have suffered a financial loss. You may also have a claim based upon contract law.

        If you consider that you may have a compensation claim against your accountant, it will be helpful when you contact us if you can answer the following questions:
        • Who your accountant is.
        • What they were instructed to do.
        • When they were instructed.
        • Why you think your accountant was negligent.
        • When you think they were negligent.
        • The value of the financial loss you think you have suffered as a result.

        What is Accountant Negligence?

        Looking to sue your accountant? If your accountant has been negligent in the provision of tax advice, financial advice or has made accountancy errors, you can claim for Accountant Negligence for any financial loss incurred.

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