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        Replacement Knee Joints

        In 2015, there were over 136,000 knee replacement operations performed in the UK with manufacturers marketing the artificial implants used as being expected to last between 10 and 15 years.

        The purpose of a knee replacement surgery is to offer both stability and mobility. Considerable research goes into the manufacturing process of these devices to create strong and durable products. However, improper design can lead to serious complications for consumers.

        There are generally three separate components in a knee replacement joint; the femoral, tibia and patella components. Total knee replacement surgery will involve the entire knee whilst partial replacements will focus on one or more of the knee’s individual components. Consumers will generally be offered two different types of product depending on their needs, with cemented devices being connected to the bone directly with adhesive and uncemented devices allowing the bone to fuse naturally to the implant.
        In the last few years, there have been a considerable number of recalls of replacement knee joint products worldwide. For instance, DePuy International was forced to recall their Duofix Femoral Knee Replacement Components in Australia when it was realised that microscopic particles of the device where contaminating the area surrounding the implant. Biomet, Smith and Nephews, Zimmer and Wright are just a few other examples of manufacturers that have been forced to recall replacement knee joints worldwide that have proved to be dangerous or inadequate. Below is a list of products fully or partially recalled due to adverse effects or incorrect labelling:

        • Duofix Femoral Knee Replacement manufactured by DePuy International
        • NexGen LPS, CR and MIS manufactured by Zimmer
        • Natural Knee System manufactured by Zimmer
        • Sorpio CR and PS components manufactured by Stryker
        • Duracon Total Knee manufactured by Stryke
        • Unincompartmental Knee System manufactured by Stryke
        • Oxinium Genesis II and Profix II manufactured by Smith and Nephew
        • Journey Uni Tibial Baseplate manufactured by Smith and Nephew
        • Vanguard CR manufactured by Biomet

        If you have been fitted with a knee replacement joint that proves to be negligently designed or manufactured, we at the Specter Partnership solicitors will be able to advise you on how best to make your claim.

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