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        Insulin Pumps

        What are insulin pumps?

        An insulin pump is a battery operated device that delivers a regular dose of insulin into your body throughout the day.

        There are thousands of diabetics that use and benefit from these devices as they reduce the need for multiple insulin jabs each day. It is more regularly used by those patients with type 1 diabetes, but can be prescribed to those with type 2 diabetes on a case by case basis.

        In recent years, there have been multiple warnings by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) concerning the use of such products.

        For instance, a report issued in May 2016 that the Accu Check Insulin Pump was giving readings that could be easily misinterpreted by patients, leading to poor management of their conditions. Roche, the maker of the pump, has subsequently issued a field notice about usage of the pump to their clients.
        A faulty insulin pump could potentially under or overregulate insulin levels in the body, leading to serious injuries including:
        • Severe headache
        • Increased/rapid heartbeat
        • Nausea
        • Tremors, anxiety
        • Uncontrolled sweating
        • Blurred vision
        • Extreme fatigue
        • Dizziness
        • Increased thirst
        • Unexplained weakness
        We are currently investigating claims in relation to:
        • Paradigm Ambulatory Insulin Infusion Pumps manufactured by Medtronic
        • Insulin Infuser Sets and Reservoirs used with Paradigm Ambulatory Insulin Pumps manufactured by Medtronic.
        • Minimed Paradigm Veo Insulin Pump manufactured by Medtronic
        • Accu Check Insulin Pump manufactured by Roche

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