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        Have you been affected by a faulty contraceptive device?

        There are many contraceptive products available to both men and women. Medically provided devices must be fitted correctly and carefully by practitioners to ensure their effectiveness and to avoid future injury.

        Whilst the law in England and Wales does not recognise claims for wrongful life, this does not excuse these products being manufactured below a reasonable standard. Patients can potentially suffer pain or scarring as a result of these products and as such can potentially bring a claim against the manufacturer.
        If you have experienced an error in relation to a contraceptive device, you could potentially be eligible to make a personal injury claim. The two most common fitted contraceptive devices are:

        • The IUD (Intrauterine device) or the coil is inserted directly into the womb to prevent pregnancy. The two most common devices are produced by ParaGard and Mirena.
        • The implant is a device that is implanted below the skin in the upper arm and slowly releases progesterone to prevent pregnancy.

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