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        Medical Product Liability

        Have you been affected by a faulty medical product?

        Many patients in hospital or at their GP Surgery are supplied with medical devices as part of their treatment.

        Patients rely on the expertise of the medical professional advising them as to the quality of the device supplied and assume it will be suitable and fit for the purpose for which it is supplied. Unfortunately this is not always the case and products can be defective or faulty, or unfit for purpose.

        At the Specter Partnership, our specialist team of solicitors has expert knowledge of product liability claims. We have an established record of successfully recovering substantial compensation for claimants who have suffered an injury or loss caused by a defective medical device or equipment provided to assist you day to day or used during a surgical or other medical procedure.

        Medical products are used or purchased with the intention of improving health and lifestyle. Whether it is a pacemaker or a hip replacement, manufacturers have a social responsibility to consumers to take reasonable care to manufacture products that are safe for public use. Failure to take reasonable care can lead to issues with products that can cause serious Leinjury to the recipient or even worsen the medical condition that the product was initially intended to treat.

        A medical device or product refers to a device that has been used by a surgeon or medical practitioner to treat an illness or reduce pain and suffering. As such this can include the following types of medical devices:

        • Replacement Hip Joints
        • Metal on Metal Hip Implants
        • Replacement knee joints
        • Heart devices such as pacemakers, valves and defibrillator leads
        • Lens replacements
        • Cosmetic fillers
        • Surgical Mesh and Transvaginal Tape
        • Contraceptive devices
        • Insulin pumps
        Due to the nature of medical devices, it may not be immediately apparent that you have been provided with a defective medical product and it may even be a matter of years before you will begin to suffer symptoms. However regardless of when these symptoms manifest, if you have suffered due to the effects or failure of a medical device, your life can be not just devastated but be put at serious risk.

        Examples of defective product or treatment are as follows:
        • Mrs T decides to have cosmetic filler injections. Initially she is over the moon with the results. However a few years later, she began to notice hardening around the areas where she had been injected. After a while the hardened filled turned into lumps which began to migrate to other areas in her face. Mrs T now requires extensive surgery to extract the lumps, which will cause significant facial scarring and further emotional upset.
        • Mr C suffered from severe osteoarthritis in his hip and it was recommended that he undergo a full hip replacement procedure using a metal on metal implant. Unbeknown to Mr C, the friction that is produced between the metal components of these products causes the release of microscopic particles that can cause severe adverse reactions. Following surgery Mr C began to suffer from these complications and requires extensive further revision surgery to correct the problem.
        • Mr G suffers from type II diabetes and was advised to get an insulin pump to manage the condition. Initially the pump offered him a sense of security and convenience that cannot be offered by the regular insulin pumps. However, he struggled to understand the readings on the device and was therefore unable to manage his condition. Unfortunately as a result his condition deteriorated rapidly and he eventually required an extensive stay in hospital.
        The Consumer Protection Act 1987 was brought into effect to protect the recipients of a defective device. A defective device will simply be one that does not meet a level of safety that consumers are entitled to expect. If it can be established that product was defective and that the pain, suffering and losses you have sustained were caused by the defect, we will be able to obtain compensation for you.

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