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        Prescription Error Compensation Claims

        Prescription error compensation claim

        Prescription errors can result in you suffering side effects including minor allergic reactions, but can also cause more serious health problems. Such errors include being given the wrong medication to administer yourself, or having the wrong medication administered to you by a healthcare professional. If you have experienced health problems as a result of a prescription error, you could be due compensation.

        Specialist Expertise

        We are experienced in dealing with all types of prescription error claims as a result of being prescribed or given the wrong medication; being given the medication for too long a period; being given an incorrect dosage or by an incorrect route; being prescribed medication that you are allergic to; being prescribed more than one medication that react and cause damage.

        The damage to health can include:

        • Allergic reactions
        • Digestive problems including ulcers and internal bleeding
        • Blindness
        • Brain injuries
        • Psychological problems

        How can we help you with Prescription Error Compensation Claim

        If you have suffered as a result of a prescription error at your hospital, general practitioner's surgery or pharmacy we can help you to seek financial compensation for the injuries you have suffered, and for any long-term care and out of pocket expenses incurred.

        Our experienced prescription error team will guide you through the complex legal process, ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome to your prescription error compensation claim.

        We offer a no charge confidential consultation, following which we will assess your compensation claim.

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