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        Neurological Surgery Negligence Claims

        What is neurosurgery?

        Neurology and neurosurgery concern the diagnosis and treatment of conditions affecting the nervous system which includes the brain, spinal cord and nerves.

        The surgery or procedure you had may have lead to further injury or you may have suffered below standard aftercare. A misdiagnosis may have meant you had an unnecessary neurological procedure or surgery, or lead to an exacerbation of your disability. You may have suffered permanent injuries as a result of the surgery.

        Specialist Expertise

        We are experienced in dealing with all types of neurology and neurological injury claims as a result of surgical errors and negligence leading to further surgery and injuries, or failure to diagnose and treat various neurological conditions and in particular claims arising from:

        • Brain tumours and infections
        • Epilepsy
        • Spinal conditions
        • Stroke
        • Subarachnoid haemorrhages
        • Multiple sclerosis
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        How We Can Help you with your Neurological Surgery Negligence Claim

        If you have suffered an injury as a result of a neurological or neurosurgical surgery, or have lost a loved one as a result of neurosurgical negligence, we understand that you will want to find out the circumstances of what happened and why it happened. We will help you to seek financial compensation for the injuries you have suffered, and for any long-term care and out of pocket expenses incurred.

        Our experienced team will guide you through the complex legal process, ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome to your neurological compensation claim.

        We offer a no charge confidential consultation, following which we will assess your claim.


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