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        Hospital Negligence Claims

        Thousands of patients are treated in UK hospitals every year, and while most receive excellent levels of care, unfortunately mistakes can still happen.

        Negligence can happen at any time, from the misdiagnosis of an illness to incorrect or negligent surgery leading to further consequences and unnecessary suffering.

        Are Hospital Negligence Claims Ethical?

        Hospitals should be places where you feel safe and confident of their abilities to treat and care for you correctly. If negligent practices have led to you incurring a further injury or exacerbating an existing condition, then those responsible should be held accountable and you should receive compensation for your suffering.

        What is Hospital Negligence?

        Our solicitors have dealt with a wide range of claims including:

      • Delays in treatment
      • Infections acquired whilst in care (e.g MRSA)
      • Misdiagnosis
      • Surgical errors
      • Medication errors
      • A&E negligence
      • It can be a difficult decision to claim against a medical institution, but if you or a loved one have suffered needlessly due to negligent practices, you have a right to claim for compensation.

        Our solicitors at The Specter Partnership have over 25 years experience in winning compensation for hospital negligence claims. For a free consultation about making a claim, speak to a member of our friendly team today.

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