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        Surgical Mesh Compensation Claims

        Hernia Mesh Surgery - Making a claim

        Surgical mesh has been used by the NHS to repair hernias for decades and is the "recommended method" for treating hernias. Unfortunately, this method of hernia repair is leaving some people in chronic pain.

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        How does the mesh hernia repair work?

        A hernia occurs when either fatty tissue or part of an organ pushes through a gap in a weak section of muscle. It commonly occurs in the lower abdomen and groin. Mesh is attached to the weak spot in the muscle, with either glue or stitches to strengthen it, and can be delivered via keyhole or open surgery.

        What are the side effects?

        For many patients there are no side effects, and they respond well to the treatment. However, some experience significant side effects.

        These adverse effects include:

        • Chronic/severe pain – this includes any pain that is post-operative
        • Extrusion/erosion – refers to incidents where the mesh has either migrated or become attached to other organs/tissue. It does not refer to the mesh eroding or fraying
        • Infection – references to post-operative infection
        • Relapse of conditions – reoccurrence of hernia
        • Perforation of organ – refers to incidents that were procedural related, such as perforation of the bladder or bowel when inserting the mesh implant
        • Sexual difficulties – dyspareunia, painful sexual intercourse

        How we can help you with your Surgical Mesh Compensation Claims

        Have you experienced complications or pain relating to surgical or hernia mesh? Were you given a full explanation of the risks involved? If not, you may be eligible for compensation.

        At the Specter Partnership, our friendly team of medical negligence solicitors have over 25 years experience in winning millions in compensation for our clients, and you shouldn't have to suffer without getting the help you need.

        If you have suffered and weren't warned about the risks (uninformed consent), we want to help you get the compensation you deserve.

        For a free consultation with one of lawyers, call our No Win, No Fee solicitors now on 0800 019 3460, or fill in our quick online claim form.

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