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        Cosmetic Negligence Claims

        Our solicitors recognise and sympathise with the fact that cosmetic procedures are costly and many spend years saving up for the treatment they long for.

        The Specter Partnership recognises that these procedures are often desired by individuals who wish to increase their overall self-confidence, happiness and quality of life.

        Some will depend on professionals to produce a result that will make them more comfortable in their own skin and our solicitors recognise the importance of this to individuals. Trust is placed in those who perform beauty and cosmetic procedures.

        Regrettably, some procedures might be performed by inexperienced or unqualified practitioners leading to injuries or disfigurement. The Specter Partnership are aware of the consequences this can bring to individuals. Mistakes can cause a devastating, heartbreaking and financially damaging impact on an individual.


        What is Cosmetic Surgery Negligence?

        Cosmetic Surgery Negligence relates to cases where a medical professional has negligently performed a procedure, offered incorrect advice or not explained a procedure fully, causing you unnecessary suffering.

        Our friendly and knowledgeable team of cosmetic negligence solicitors have extensive experience of handling types of cases arising out of negligent cosmetic procedures.

        The Specter Partnership have succeeded in obtaining compensation for clients who have experienced errors associated with the following procedures:

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