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        Bariatric Surgery Claims

        What are Bariatric surgeries?

        Bariatric Surgery (also known as “weight loss surgery”) is a procedure which helps patients lose a significant amount of weight. Bariatric surgery can include Gastric Band Surgery and Gastric Bypass Surgery.

        Within Gastric Band Surgery, a band is placed around the stomach to encourage weight loss by reducing the amount of food the stomach can hold.

        Gastric Bypass Surgery involves the stomach being stapled and the intestines being shortened.

        Despite weight loss surgery being proven to be effective in encouraging weight loss, there are a number of risks and complications that can arise as a consequence.

        As a result of such high risks, surgeons should only use weight loss surgery for medical health reasons. Despite this however, we have experience of dealing with cases involving medical professionals who perform unnecessary or negligent bariatric surgery leading to clients suffering unnecessarily.

        Due to the risks associated with weight loss surgery, surgeons have a duty to warn patients of any potential complications associated with the procedure.

        If the surgeon fails to fully disclose these risks or inform the patient of alternative treatment, and subsequently complications occur, negligence may have taken place. The patient may not have chosen to have the bariatric surgery should they have known.

        Negligence during weight loss surgery, such as a gastric bypass, may have occurred in one of several ways. These include:

        • The surgeon fitting the band incorrectly either on the wrong location or wrong angle of the stomach, potentially causing a blockage
        • A failure to recognise a leak following surgery leading to further complications and treatment
        • Carrying out the wrong type of bypass procedure causing severe side effects
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        How we can help you with your Bariatric Surgery Claims

        If you have had weight loss surgery, only for it to be performed negligently, TSP can help you recover compensation for the injuries you have suffered.

        Our experienced team, who have dealt with a number of these types of claims, will guide you through the complex legal process, ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome to your compensation claim.

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