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        Ambulance Delay Compensation Claims

        Ambulance Delays - Making a claim

        In the UK, thousands of people each year experience a delay when waiting for an ambulance.

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        The ambulance service is the first port of contact for many individuals when they fall ill. They serve as the gateway to hospital and thus any errors can prove detrimental.

        For example, if an individual has suffered a stroke or heart attack, every second of delay is crucial and rapid treatment is vital for the best possible chance of recovery.

        Any delay in paramedics reaching someone in need of assistance can have far reaching consequences from minor to severe. You could suffer unnecessarily, exacerbate an existing condition or worse.

        There are many reasons as to why an ambulance may be delayed including but not limited to:

        • Miscommunication
        • Wrong priority given to callout
        • Late to deliver a patient to a hospital
        • Delivering a patient to the wrong hospital
        • Paramedics failing to realise the severity of symptoms

        Has this happened to you?

        Whatever the reason for a late arrival at hospital, if you believe you or a loved one has experienced a substandard level of care leading to suffering or even fatal consequences, you should speak to medically qualified solicitors who can help.

        At The Specter Partnership, our medical negligence team have over 25 years in winning compensation for ambulance delays and delay in treatment claims.

        If you would like to speak to an expert today for free initial legal advice about making a claim, call us today on 0800 019 3460, email us at, or use our quick online claim form.

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