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        Accident & Emergency Negligence Claims

        Accident and Emergency departments (A&E) are often extremely overcrowded, busy and under a lot of pressure to deal with patients quickly and efficiently. Sadly, this often leads to mistakes being made.

        Some patients may experience unacceptable delays or feel that they have not been treated in they way that they should. This can lead to substandard care culminating in medical errors which could have been avoided.

        Specialist Experience

        Some common Accident & Emergency Negligence Claims include:

        • Failure to perform and/or correctly diagnose blood tests
        • Failure to diagnose a fracture and treat it accordingly
        • Substandard or inappropriate treatment of fractures
        • Failure to carry out appropriate investigations such as x-rays or scans
        • Misinterpreting x-rays or scans
        • Failure to recognise the severity of a condition leading to a delay in diagnosis or treatment
        • Failure to recognise and treat life threatening conditions such as severe internal bleeding or obstetric complications leading to avoidable deaths.

        How we can help you with your Accident & Emergency Negligence Claims

        If you have unnecessarily suffered whilst in A&E, TSP can help you recover compensation for any injuries sustained or existing conditions made worse.

        Our experienced team, who have dealt with a number of these types of claims, will guide you through the complex legal process, ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome to your compensation claim.

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