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        Professional Negligence Posts

        Procedura Przy Wypadkach W Pracy

        Zglos wypadek w pracy do swojego przelozonego, managera lub supervisera jak najszybciej jest to mozliwe. Zgloszenie wypadku nie powinno stanowic wiekszego problemu, poniewaz kazdy pracodawca zgodnie z obowiazujacym prawem powinien miec ksiazke wypadkow. Jezeli pracodawca nie posiada takiej ksiazki, zglos wypadek do swojego supervisera, najlepiej pisemnie np. w formie maila.

        Professional negligence in ground rent advice - 100,000 purchasers have lost out

        Thousands of homebuyers have now found themselves trapped in spiralling ground rent contracts, with many seeing their annual amount to pay to the freeholder doubling every 10 years.

        In one shocking case, The Guardian[LINK] reported on the case of a first-time buyer whose ground rent had already risen to £8,000 a year and, in theory, would keep doubling so that in 95 years’ time would reach £8m a year.

        Man Awarded £90,000 For Stroke Following Beauty Parlour Syndrome

        Dave Tyler suffered the stroke during a business meeting two days after visiting Headmasters salon in Brighton. It is believed that when his head was bent backwards over the basin to wash his hair, an artery was damaged due to neck extension. This eventually let to a clot which two days later burst in his brain, causing a stroke.

        Higher Treatment Numbers And Lower Professional Standards

        Cosmetic Surgery, once the preserve of Hollywood Celebrities and New York Socialites, is fast becoming a staple of the UK beauty regimen. However, with increasing demand for ever more complex surgical procedures, the risk of complications has never been higher.

        NHS Contracts, Negligence And Breach Of Contract

        The current NHS contract system for private dentists, based on activity targets over preventative care, could be incentivizing cases of both negligence and breach of contract.
        NHS dental procedures are often carried out by private dentists that have entered into contracts with the NHS. Certain groups, such as under 18’s and pregnant women, are entitled to these procedures for a significantly reduced fee, with the difference covered by the NHS.

        Cycle Couriers - Workers Or Self Employed Contractors?

        Recently reported in the news is the debate, should cycle couriers be deemed as workers or self-employed contractors?

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