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        After the Event Insurance Explained

        ‘After the Event Insurance’ (ATE) is an insurance product that is purchased to cover the legal costs of litigation. It is usually purchased by a solicitor on behalf of their client, which is usually the claimant or person bringing the action. It is a product that protects a client from paying the full legal costs of the both parties’ legal fees and disbursements.

        The Dangers Of Bioalcamid Cosmetic Fillers

        Bioalcamid is a cosmetic filler which is popularly used as a face-plumping treatment. Comprised of 96% water and 4% gel (polyalkylimide), it resembles the fatty tissue which occurs naturally in the human body. It can be used to define cheekbones, fill in the nose (especially following rhinoplasty), enhance the chin and fill in facial lines that have occurred due to aging or smoking.

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