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        The ten worst A&E waiting times revealed by BBC

        The BBC have revealed that A&E waiting times in England have reached their highest levels ever.

        The analysis also identified the worst A&E units for individual waits.

        According to the report, hospitals are meant to see 95% of patients in four hours. This recent difficult winter has seen the NHS record its worst ever annual performance since records began in 2004, with 88.4%.

        The worst single performing service was Princess Alexandra Hospital in Essex, which saw just 70.9% of patients in four hours during 2017-2018, followed by East Kent Hospitals on 74.3%.

        Find out more on A&E waiting times here -

        Have you been affected by delays in A&E that have led to you suffering further?

        At The Specter Partnership we understand that medical organisations will do everything they can to examine and treat a patient as soon as possible, but sometimes negligence can occur, leaving an individual’s condition to worsen.

        If this is the case, then an individual is entitled to a fair compensation for A&E negligence.

        If you’d like free legal advice about making a claim for compensation, speak to a member of a friendly team today by calling the number above or by using our quick online claims form.