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        Severe NHS ambulance and procedure delays

        There has been a sharp increase in the number of ambulance delays leading to grave consequences in the UK.

        As emergencies rise during the winter period and hospital services are stretched, more and more people who require ambulances are experiencing delays of several hours or more, leading to further health complications that are fatal in some instances.

        On 1st January, Marie Norris, who lived in Clacton-on-Sea, began to suffer chest pains and so dialled 999 at 20:00. However, paramedics only reached her almost 4 hours later at 23:46, but did not enter the home until 12:21am.

        The crew forced entry into her home upon arrival as the control room could not contact her, but unfortunately found Mrs Norris dead, the GMB union said.

        Beside her body the ambulance crew found her bags packed, ready to go to hospital.

        The NHS has been under immense stress in recent months which has led to many people experiencing severe ambulance delays. Hospitals in England have also been told to delay pre-planned operations routine outpatients appointments.

        This comes after Prime Minister Theresa May had to apologise for the delays of thousands of procedures.

        Jeremy Hunt acknowledged that the NHS service needed “substantially more resources” in the future to avoid any complications.

        Has this happened to you?

        Have you experienced delays when waiting for an ambulance or procedure that exacerbated your condition?

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