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        Missed lung cancer cases

        A cancer diagnosis is a life-changing, devastating event that has drastic ramifications for sufferers.

        It is vital that it is caught as early as possible for effective treatment, however this isn’t always the case.

        The BBC has recently reported on the case of Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth, which was found by the Care Quality Commission to have failed in spotting cases of lung cancer because it did not check patients’ chest X-rays properly.

        It has since emerged that junior doctors had complained that they were being asked to perform specialist radiology work without adequate training.

        CQC found that at least three patients of Queen Alexandra hospital suffered ‘significant harm’. The health watchdog has now launched a review of NHS radiology services in England.

        CQC Inspectors also found a backlog of as many as 23,000 X-rays at the hospital, none of which had been formally reviewed by a trained radiologist.

        This report has highlighted the serious consequences a missed cancer diagnosis can have on a patient.

        If you or a loved one have experienced cancer misdiagnoses, there are professional medical negligence experts who can help.

        For a free legal consultation about making a claim for cancer misdiagnosis, speak to the Specter Partnership Solicitors today on 0800 019 3460, use our simple online claim form, or email