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        Ban vaginal mesh operations, says NICE

        Health Watchdog NICE has been reported as planning to recommend that vaginal mesh operations should be banned from treating organ prolapse in England.

        The report, coming from BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire Show, includes draft guidelines from NICE which say that the implants should only be used for research, not routine operations.

        This comes following a spate of errors and injuries caused by surgical mesh implants, such as the implant cutting into the patient’s vagina, leaving them in permanent pain. Some are unable to walk, work or have sex.

        NICE stated in the report that there were “serious but well-recognised safety concerns” and that “evidence of long-term efficacy for implants treating organ prolapse is inadequate in quality and quantity”.

        NICE also added that “when complications occur, these can be serious and have life-changing consequences”, and followed by saying that “most commentaries received from patients reported satisfaction with the procedure”.

        Vaginal meshes are plastic - typically made from polypropylene – and are manufactured by a variety of companies worldwide.

        They are intended to support organs that have suffered prolapses following childbirth, such as the vagina, uterus, bladder or urethra.

        “A catastrophe”.

        Speaking to the BBC, The University of Oxford’s Prof Carl Heneghan, an expert in this field, said that by releasing these guidelines is an admission that health services had “got this wrong”, and that the use of the mesh was a “catastrophe”.

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