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        The signs of Pancreatic Cancer you should be aware of

        Over a third of adults in the UK would not be worried if they had a few of the potential symptoms of pancreatic cancer.

        This alarming statistic was brought to light by charity organisation Pancreatic Cancer UK, to urge the public to understand more about the deadly disease and help combat it.

        The worry is that if people aren’t fully aware of the potential signs of pancreatic cancer, or simply don’t go to the GP for a check-up, then this could lead to a delay in diagnosis and treatment, which could prove fatal.

        This is more alarming when you factor in that 93% of pancreatic cancer patients do not survive beyond five years.

        So what are the symptoms?

        The main symptoms you should look for with pancreatic cancer include:

        • Stomach pain
        • Indigestion
        • Unexplained weight loss
        • Floating faeces
        • Loss of appetite
        • Jaundice (yellow skin/eyes or itchy skin)
        • Difficulty swallowing
        • Recently diagnosed diabetes

        Alex Ford, Chief Executive at Pancreatic Cancer UK, said: “We must all be aware of the possible signs of pancreatic cancer, and of the devastating impact this disease can have, because 93 per cent of people diagnosed will not live beyond five years. This is in large part due to 80 per cent of patients being diagnosed at a late stage, when treatment options are very limited. If people would not be concerned if they spotted a number of the possible symptoms, and at the same time not understand the seriousness of pancreatic cancer, they may not take action quickly enough, which could then delay diagnosis and treatment.

        “We do not want people to panic if they have some or all of these symptoms, because most people who have them will not have pancreatic cancer. But it is vital that people know more about this disease, and talk to their GP if they have any concerns. The earlier people are diagnosed, the more likely they are to be able to have surgery, which is the one treatment which can save lives.”

        Knowing the signs of pancreatic cancer are essential to catch it early and help avoid any delay in diagnosis that could lead to severe consequences.

        If you believe that your doctor may have missed any signs that you had pancreatic cancer or you were initially misdiagnosed, you may be eligible for compensation.

        For free initial advice about making a legal claim for medical negligence due to the misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis of cancer, speak to our friendly legal team today.

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