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        Illegal tongue splitting procedures exposed

        Body modification artists have been exposed carrying out dangerous, illegal procedures in a recent exposé by the BBC.

        Patients undergo these cosmetic procedures to achieve a lizard-like forked tongue.

        Two backstreet practitioners in London were secretly filmed preparing to illegally inject undercover BBC reporters with anaesthetic to begin giving them this unusual procedure.

        BBC London received a tip that there were numerous body modification artists acting illegally to provide such procedures to patients.

        Roni X, a body modification artist from Poland and operating out of Divine Canvas in London, told the BBC undercover reporter that she was going to use the drug Articaine to numb the pain. When administering this drug, only registered medical professionals are permitted to do so, including suppling and authorising the dose.

        Roni told the reporter: “You might feel a pinch, but it’s nothing crazy and the stitches will take 15, 20 minutes to do all around. The entire procedure lasts up to half an hour.”

        Samppa von Cyborg, from Finland, is considered one of the best body modification artists in the world. He also offered undercover reporters his services for £500 and claims to have carried out 1,000 tongue splits.

        He told reporters: “Cutting the tongue in half and putting stitches, there definitely will be some nerve damage.”

        “You just feel really shaky and really wired, that’s the only side effect you have.” Neither of the surgeons are trained medical professionals.

        These type of local anaesthetics can cause severe side effects when administered illegally and by non-medical professionals.

        They can cause panic attacks, fainting and potentially fatal anaphylactic shock.

        More information on these illegal procedures can be found by clicking here.