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        Sepsis and the importance of early diagnosis

        Sepsis is a serious condition that occurs when an infection enters the bloodstream.

        If it is not properly diagnosed or treated, the health of a patient who has the condition can quickly deteriorate and it could even be fatal.

        Sepsis is often the result of an infection that has not responded to treatment. An example of where sepsis can stem from is a chest infection, a urinary infection or a surgical wound but there are many other reasons why people can get extremely unwell from infection.

        GPs and hospitals need to be vigilant and be on high alert when any patient presents with symptoms of illness and abnormal observations. The goal is to screen patients and to administer antibiotics within one hour of diagnosing sepsis.

        BBC Panorama has identified from NHS data that there are 14,000 preventable deaths from sepsis every year and 37% of patients studied are not receiving antibiotics by their target goals. If there is a delay in administering antibiotics, it can have a catastrophic impact on health. Being your own advocate is of the utmost importance in taking care of your health.

        If you or your loved one has been affected by sepsis, please call us on 0800 019 3460 where one of our experienced clinical and nursing team can screen you for a potential misdiagnosis compensation claim.

        Sian Hayes

        Clinical Negligence Nurse & Paralegal