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        Thousands of homebuyers have now found themselves trapped in spiralling ground rent contracts, with many seeing their annual amount to pay to the freeholder doubling every 10 years. In one shocking case, The Guardian[LINK] reported on the case of a first-time buyer whose ground rent had already risen to £8,000 a year and, in theory, would keep doubling so that in 95 years’ time would reach £8m a year....
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        According to a report in the Daily Mail, every year one person in 100 in the UK breaks a bone. Around half of the estimated 20 million visits to A&E involve having an X-ray, usually to check for a bone injury. Now research has suggested that thousands of these patients leave A&E with doctors having failed to spot or diagnose their fracture....
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        Sepsis is a serious condition that occurs when an infection enters the bloodstream and if it is not properly diagnosed or treated, the health of a patient who has the condition can quickly deteriorate and even potentially die....
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