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        Diagnostic errors resulting in missed fractures

        Due to time and constraints in the Accident and Emergency Department, diagnostic errors are more likely than in a less urgent setting.

        But missed fractures can comprise of a large fraction of total diagnostic errors and the most common reason for missed fractures is misreading an x-rays or CT scan. Not surprisingly, the largest error rate is during evening hours and weekends!

        There are three most common injuries that are often overlooked:

        1. Scaphoid fractures: from falling out onto an outstretched hand. The initial complaint would be that of having wrist or hand pain.
        2. Elbow injuries/fracture radial head: This is where the bone called the radius sits in the joint of the elbow and is commonly fractured and missed on x-ray.
        3. A heel/calcaneus fracture: after sustaining a fall from height or being in a car accident.

        Other fractures like Monteggia or Galeazzi fractures in young adults and children can be overlooked and be problematic for life.

        Misdiagnosed or missed fractures, if left untreated, can cause severe pain and suffering. But it can impact one’s earning capacity if unable to work due to the loss of function of a limb, along with affecting life’s pleasures.

        If you have sustained such an injury and it appears it was a missed fracture or have had a similar missed injury, please call one of our experienced staff at The Specter Partnership.

        To discuss your potential claim please call: The Specter Partnership - 0207 251 9900.

        Sian Hayes
        Clinical Negligence Nurse Paralegal
        The Specter Partnership