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        A damning report has been leaked accusing RBS of mistreating many of its clients. The Financial Conduct Authority has said the RBS department that was set up to help troubled companies has mistreated many of them. The BBC reports that in the leaked report, some “inappropriate action” was found, such as the raising of interest charges or unnecessary fees being added. These actions were experienced by 92% of viable firms seen by RBS’s Global Restructuring Group....
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        Metallosis (also known as “metal poisoning”) occurs when the parts of a metal-on-metal hip replacement grind together and shed tiny particles of toxic metal chromium or cobalt into the body. In severe cases, metallosis poisoning can cause blindness, deafness, heart damage, heart failure, permanent disability or death. The symptoms can start mildly and then become irreversible....
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        In recent years, mesh implant surgery has been performed on patients suffering from pelvic organ prolapse (POP) a condition where there is bulging of one or more of the pelvic organs into the vagina. POP is a common condition and is experienced by many women, particularly after childbirth, which occurs due to a weakening of the tissues that support the pelvic organs....
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        Due to time and constraints in the Accident and Emergency Department, diagnostic errors are more likely than in a less urgent setting....
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