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        Emergency Services

        Being busy is no excuse for negligent care

        We are all aware that the NHS is over-stretched and acknowledge that everyone is working hard.

        But that is no excuse for you or your loved one to be the victim of negligent care where you have received unexpected harm or damages.

        Did you call an ambulance and it took so long that there were serious consequences caused from the delay that impacted your health?

        Of course, there can be various reasons why an ambulance can be delayed. The ambulance service does have to prioritise their resources but if an ambulance is late in delivering you to a hospital or takes you to a wrong hospital and you suffer an avoidable injury or perhaps have deterioration of an existing condition, there may be a possibility of a claim. For example, this may be related to the paramedics failing to identify how serious your symptoms were and not taking you to the correct specialist centre.

        Understandably, the ambulance service is busy but if you arrived late at hospital and you believe you received unacceptable, sub standard care and you suffered an injury as a result, then please call us at:  The Specter Partnership - 0207 251 9900

        Similarly, have you recently been to an Accident and Emergency Department where you were seen, had little or no diagnostics completed, were discharged home to follow up with your General Practitioner (GP) and since then have had a major problem, for example, a missed appendicitis or a missed fracture that caused long term damages? If so, please call us to discuss the claim.

        Being busy is no excuse for negligent care.

        Please call one of our experienced staff at The Specter Partnership to discuss your potential claim at at: The Specter Partnership - 0207 251 9900