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        Over 1,700 patients at risk in NHS mail blunder

        Have you received a letter from the NHS in regards to a mistake in their filling system that has caused delays in your treatment or diagnosis?

        On 27th June 2017, The National Audit Office has reported, that the NHS third party filling company has mistakenly filed 1700 patients documents without them potentially being reviewed by a doctor. The implication of this could be colossal and potentially damaging to a person’s life.

        The NHS has a duty to be transparent and to disclose to any patient, if their medical records were affected by this failing.

        Therefore, If you have received such a letter from the NHS and you believe as a result of this, you have had a bad outcome or a delay in diagnosis or treatment , please contact us at:

        The Specter Partnership:  020 7251 9900

        Or email us at:

        With your permission, we will review the issue and determine if you have a claim against the NHS and their third party.

        For more information regarding the NHS mail blunder, read the BBC report here.