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        "God complex" breast surgeon needlessly harmed patients

        A breast surgeon has been found guilty of intentionally wounding patients with “completely unnecessary” operations and procedures.

        Ian Paterson, 59, is described as having carried out “extensive, life-changing operations for no medically justifiable reason”.

        Mr Paterson was also described as playing God, with obscure motives for his actions but that he may have had a desire to earn extra money.

        He was convicted of 17 counts of wounding with intent relating to nine women and one man, and convicted of a further three wounding charges.

        The trial was told how Mr Paterson exaggerated or invented cancer risks to perform unnecessary procedures and claimed payments for more expensive procedures in some cases.

        The jury was not informed that Paterson had carried out hundreds of needless operations on NHS patients, with one trust having to pay out £17.8m in damages and legal costs.

        Debbie Douglas, a former patient, told the BBC:

        “I thought I had the best of consultants. All these years down the line, I feel I’ve been betrayed.

        “I feel like I’ve been mutilated. I thought my scars were a badge of honour. Now I find he has mutilated me and I have been through all of this for nothing.

        “Thank God those brave people who spoke up in court have got the right verdict.”

        Another patient, Caroline Johnson, who went under his knife six times, said of Paterson:

        “Paterson tried every tactic in the book to avoid accountability for his disgusting crimes.

        “Mr Paterson charmed and manipulated his patients into trusting him. I for one trusted him with my life.

        “To realise that I was betrayed makes me question my own judgment and I feel like I cannot trust any doctor.”

        For more information on this case as reported by the BBC, click here.

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