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        Prescription errors - what to do?

        Being prescribed the incorrect dosage or medicine by a medical professional can have huge and long-lasting consequences.

        Incorrect medications and dosages can cause serious physical and mental harm, as well as leave you without the medication you vitally need.

        Although medical professionals strive to ensure you’re getting the correct prescription, errors can and do often happen.

        According to a report, there are currently more than 26,000 adverse drug reaction reports caused by incorrect medication prescriptions and dosages each year.

        What are the most common type of prescription errors?

        • Incorrect dosage – prescribed at a higher or lower dosage than required.
        • Incorrect medication –  due to misdiagnosis or unsuitable for patient or condition.
        • Incompatible medication - with existing patient medicines or pills.
        • Patient allergy – to an ingredient within the prescribed medication.
        • Adult dosage - prescribed for a child.
        • Unchecked repeat prescriptions – not regularly reviewed by GP during patient progress.
        • Illegible handwriting - leads to incorrect medication being made up or stated dosage.

        What to do?

        If you have any concerns whatsoever about the makeup of your prescription or its effects, bring them to the attention of the relevant medical body i.e. your doctor, pharmacy or hospital.

        Making a clinical negligence claim

        If you have suffered illness or injury as a result of a prescription error, you may have a strong case to claim for clinical negligence.

        You must be able to establish that:

        1. The doctor or pharmacist failed in their duty of care, failing to provide you with the standard of treatment that you have the right to expect.
        2. This failure of proper care caused an adverse reaction or illness as a direct result of consuming the wrong medication.

        How The Specter Partnership can help

        The Specter Partnership have been helping those who have suffered prescription errors successfully win claims of medical negligence for over 30 years. Our team of legal experts know the importance in getting you the compensation and any necessary aftercare you may need.

        We are dedicated to getting you real answers and real compenssation for any negligent practices that have caused you harm.

        Call us today on the number above or email