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        What to do if you're not receiving proper care

        What can you do if you or a loved one aren’t getting the care they need from medical professionals?

        If you feel that your needs aren’t being met, you have a right to challenge the decisions of those responsible for your care.

        The NHS and local authorities have the power to provide care.

        Because of the Care Act 2014, recipients of said care can argue against decisions based on money rather than necessity.

        If you, a carer or loved one are struggling to argue against the NHS or local authorities about their decisions in the provision of care, you have the right to seek legal advice from experienced solicitors.

        If you would like a free initial consultation with an experienced medical negligence solicitor, call The Specter Partnership today on 020 3740 1988 or email

        A member of our friendly, medical negligence experts will be more than happy to help.