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        NHS Medical Blunders Revealed

        The chief inspector of hospitals has issued a warning that 4 out of 5 NHS Trusts in England need to improve patient safety.

        ITV Tonight has recently revealed the extent of serious medical mistakes.

        Lisa Brewer, 45, discovered a lump in her breast a year ago and underwent a number of tests and mammograms, where she was told results were ‘encouraging’.

        After taking biopsy tissue samples from both breasts, doctors aimed to rule out cancer.

        Lisa then received the news 2 weeks later that she had grade 2 cancer of the breast.

        She promptly underwent life-saving surgery to remove lymph nodes and other parts of her breasts, which left her with permanent scarring.

        Weeks later, the hospital revealed they had made an unfathomable error. They had mixed up her results with another woman’s and that she had never had cancer in the first place, while another woman was told she didn’t have it when she actually did.

        Lisa said: “It’s weird I didn’t feel relieved, because you can’t just shut them emotions off like that straight away. Having to tell people that I’d previously I had told I had cancer. And tell them I don’t have it, I felt like a fraud in some way.”

        More cases of medical neglgience can be found on ITVs site here.