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        Being prescribed the incorrect dosage or medicine by a medical professional can have huge and long-lasting consequences. Incorrect medications and dosages can cause serious physical and mental harm, as well as leave you without the medication you vitally need....
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        There are benefits of obtaining CCTV footage following an accident for the injured party as it can often greatly assist with establishing liability. In the UK, it is common knowledge that there is one CCTV camera for every 11 people! This point is widely debated as to whether this level of interference into our personal privacy has been encroached to a point that breaches our human rights....
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        What can you do if you or a love one aren’t getting the care they need from medical professionals? If you feel that your needs aren’t being met, you have a right to challenge the decisions of those responsible for your care....
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        We were featured in the latest issue of At Home magazine with Dr Christian in an article regarding cosmetic surgery. Have a read!...
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        The chief inspector of hospitals has issued a warning that 4 out of 5 NHS Trusts in England need to improve patient safety. ITV Tonight has recently revealed the extent of serious medical mistakes....
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