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        Man Awarded £90,000 For Stroke Following Beauty Parlour Syndrome

        A man has been awarded £90,000 compensation following a stroke after having his hair washed at a salon, in the latest case of “beauty parlour syndrome”.

        Dave Tyler suffered the stroke during a business meeting two days after visiting Headmasters salon in Brighton. It is believed that when his head was bent backwards over the basin to wash his hair, an artery was damaged due to neck extension. This eventually let to a clot which two days later burst in his brain, causing a stroke.

        Although rare, this syndrome has been written about in medical journals for over a decade.

        Mr Tyler, 45, has been told he will never drive again due to blurred vision and has to use a walking stick to get around. He told The Times:

        “I felt the whole side of my body go numb and while waiting for the ambulance my eyes went ping and started rolling. This made me nauseous so I was sick.

        I took a swig of water without knowing that I’d lost the ability to swallow. The water wasn’t going anywhere and I couldn’t breathe. And because I wasn’t able to swallow, I ingested some of the vomit into my lungs and developed pneumonia.”

        His lawyers made a personal injury claim against the salon advising that they had offered insufficient neck protection and a “minimal layer of towel”. The case was settled before it reached court for £90,000.