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        Increasing Concerns regarding Long Delays for Hospital Beds

        It has been recently reported that hospitals are currently facing long delays for hospital beds for patients that are admitted as an emergency.

        Statistics reveal that nearly 475,000 patients waited for more than four hours for a bed in 2015-2016. This shows a large increase since 2010-2011.

        It is unfortunate to hear that hospitals now revert to leaving patients in side rooms or corridors until a bed becomes available. NHS bosses have responded to this issue stating that it is due to the “growing demand” on the system.

        Natalie Churney-Fox, Solicitor at The Specter Partnership, comments that:

        “This increase in numbers is a real concern regarding the clients’ safety, well-being and care. It seems that hospitals are now becoming extremely overcrowded and this raises concerns that diligent care may not be received by all patients who may require it.”

        Reports state that occupancy of beds is not meant to exceed 85%. This is to allow staff time to change and clean beds, ensure those who needs beds can get beds and further to ensure infections levels are kept to a minimum. Despite these standards, 130 our of 179 hospital trust are reported to be exceeding these rates for general hospital beds.

        It seems that those waiting for beds following attendance to A&E consist of elderly and frail patients and those with fractures and breathing difficulties.

        It is an extremely worrying time for hospitals regarding these delays and there are concerns that patient safety could be risked as a result of the lack of available space. 
        If you feel you have suffered loss as a result of negligent hospital treatment, please telephone The Specter Partnership on 0207 251 9900.