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        Dave Tyler suffered the stroke during a business meeting two days after visiting Headmasters salon in Brighton. It is believed that when his head was bent backwards over the basin to wash his hair, an artery was damaged due to neck extension. This eventually let to a clot which two days later burst in his brain, causing a stroke....
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        Mr O attended his dentist of many years for a routine check up in December 2010. He was informed that his LL5 tooth had a significant carie and would require a filling. Thinking nothing of it, he agreed to the procedure which was performed the same day....
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        The future changes to low-value soft tissue personal injury claims (whiplash accident claims) have been well documented throughout 2016 ever since the Former Chancellor, George Osborne announced his proposals in the Autumn Statement 2015. However, the Ministry of Justice have not yet formally announced their final proposals that will be put into place in the next few years....
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        It has been recently reported that hospitals are currently facing long delays for hospital beds for patients that are admitted as an emergency. Statistics reveal that nearly 475,000 patients waited for more than four hours for a bed in 2015-2016. This shows a large increase since 2010-2011....
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        Cosmetic Surgery, once the preserve of Hollywood Celebrities and New York Socialites, is fast becoming a staple of the UK beauty regimen. However, with increasing demand for ever more complex surgical procedures, the risk of complications has never been higher....
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        It is a sad fact of life that accidents happen. This is especially true when we are children running and playing with our friends in the playground. However, when injuries go beyond scraped knees and bruised egos, we rely on health professionals to manage those injuries professionally and effectively....
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