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        Tips For Safer Cycling

        It’s that time of year again when the evenings are darker and the air is colder and so it’s vital that every cyclist prepares their bicycle for the upcoming winter months or risk suffering an accident. Here is a run through of the top tips to get cycle ready this winter:

        1. CLEAN

        your bicycle from top to toe. This is the first stage in winter preparation as it is important to remove all the grit, dirt and salt that can be picked up from the roads. The best method is warm soapy water and a sponge, using a clean dry rag to finish off.

        2. LUBRICATE

        as this prevents corrosion to the steel and/or aluminium frames.

        3. ADD MUDGUARDS

        as this prolongs the life of your bicycle, the components and may also improve comfort for you. Another accessory that it useful is the mudflap. This helps keep your feet drier and also provides a courtesy to the riders behind you by preventing splashback.


        by inserting a protective layer underneath the tyre. A thorough inspection of the rim strips should also be considered, looking out for any thorns or glass that could cause an issue if you are re-using the strips.


        both in the front of the cycle and at the rear. This is a legal requirement and is especially important in the darker, winter months. These small accessories can be a lifesaver. Other additions include pedal reflectors and strips along the frame to ensure your bicycle is clearly visible.

        Gemma Ball
        Trainee Solicitor