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        Medical Negligence: Gastric Band Surgery

        Gastric Band surgery is one of the most popular forms of weight loss treatment in the UK, with a staggering 530% rise in 6 years according to a study from 2012, which indicates figures have only continued to increase through to 2016.

        For many people conscious about their weight, gastric band surgery offers a fast solution to getting rid of unwanted fat and ultimately making them feel more comfortable in their own skin. Unfortunately, although the majority of medical practitioners will strive to ensure gastric surgery goes to plan, cases of medical negligence are still prevalent.

        One example is that of 50 year old Helen Reynolds from Rugeley. Mrs Reynolds was left in severe pain for over a year after her gastric band surgery was botched.

        The surgeon performing her operation had failed to remove a two and a half inch tube of plastic from her body and stitched her back up without realising or notifying her of the foreign object.

        Two months after the operation, the mum-of-one began to suffer ‘excruciating pain’ in her abdomen, which left her housebound. After several months of agony Helen receieved a scan at Spire Hospital were it was revealed that the tube had been left inside her.

        “I had a CT scan which revealed that there was a foreign body near my right pelvis bone - I was completely shocked” said Helen.

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