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        Pressure On Sadiq Khan To Stick To His Cycling Promises

        Now that Sadiq Khan has been voted in as the Mayor of London, it is vital to consider his policies on cycling and the cycling superhighway that his predecessors implemented across the City.

        Mr Khan has previously advised that he will be increasing the budget available for Transport of London’s cycling schemes as a cheap way to move around London.

        He is supportive of the proposed cycle superhighway routes that are to be implemented across the City throughout the next few years as a solution to reducing the heavy congestion and intense pollution levels that are spread across London.

        Cyclists around the London are keen to ensure that the streets are safe for all users.

        Mr Khans’ proposals are based upon the four following elements:

        1. Reviewing the safer junctions programme
        2. Continuing the cycle superhighway expansion
        3. Introduce more 20 mph speed limits
        4. Deliver more cycle storage and parking

        The aim of the above proposals is to make Londoners who cycle around the City feel more comfortable and safe in doing so. It is thought that by expanding the cycle superhighway programme it will enable more commuters to utilise the more freely available and affordable bicycles.

        It is well documented in the news that the pollution levels in many areas of the City of London are above the EU recommended levels and therefore, any positive policies to encourage safe cycling across London should be recognised and supported in full.

        As Mr Khan has only very recently been appointed as Mayor of London, The Specter Partnership Solicitors will follow the implementation of his policies over the next few months to see what and when safe cycling in London will become a reality.