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        Doctors, Nurses and Midwives will have to offer verbal apologies to their patients for medical errors in accordance with guidance published on 29th June 2015 by the General Medical Council and Midwifery Council. This new open and honest approach, known as a “Duty of Candour” will now be expected when things “go wrong”. It is believed that personal apologies from professionals will reduce anxiety and distress in patients. Professionals must therefore admit errors and expl...
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        Did you know there is no law in the UK that requires any cyclist to wear a helmet when cycling? This is a controversial topic as there are differing opinions as to whether wearing a helmet should be mandatory by law. There is research that shows that wearing a correctly fitted helmet can effectively prevent serious head injuries however there is contradictory research that shows that the despite wearing a helmet, this does not prevent the brain being damaged from hitting the skull. To ensure y...
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        Recently there have been increased debates over whether the UK should adopt Dutch driving laws, The Specter Partnership’s Gemma Ball looks at the statistics. The law in the Netherlands and Denmark applies a ‘strict liability’ principle which protects vulnerable road users from other more powerful road users. Following a road collision, this principle automatically places liability on the more powerful road user unless it can be proven beyond reasonable doubt that the vulnerabl...
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        Don’t become 1 of the 34% of cyclists who are injured around dusk between 4pm and 8pm this winter. Here are The Specter Partnership Solicitor’s 5 top tips to keep you pedalling throughout the cold, icy months ahead… Regardless if you ride a bike or not, it is more difficult to see anything in the dark. Keep an extra careful eye out for potholes, pedestrians and icy patches. The normal rules apply in the winter as they do in the summer, namely don’t wear headphones at ...
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