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        Road Traffic Accident Claims

        When you’re involved in a road accident you could be left with injuries ranging from mild whiplash to severe head and spinal injuries. This type of accident can dramatically affect a person’s quality of life and they may need not only financial compensation but access to physical and mental rehabilitation too.

        Advice Following a Road Accident

        If you’re involved in a motor accident, call the police straight away. Write down the other person’s details (i.e. name, address, vehicle registration, insurance company details). If there are any witnesses try and obtain their details also.

        If you have a camera or mobile phone take pictures of the vehicles involved and the damage sustained. This information will be useful when produced as evidence in establishing liability. Injuries from a car accident can be major, or minor, there is also the psychological impact to be considered.

        Vehicle Damage Following a Road Accident

        If your vehicle is damaged in a road accident we can deal with this for you. We will arrange for your vehicle to be recovered and inspected by a qualified engineer. They will prepare a report detailing the damage to your vehicle. If your vehicle can be repaired we have qualified, approved, repairers on hand to do this for you.

        They will restore your vehicle to its pre-accident condition. We can also arrange a replacement motor vehicle for you to use whilst yours is off the road or being repaired. The hire vehicle provided will be of the same, or near equivalent, make and model to your own vehicle.

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        How we can help

        At The Specter Partnership we understand the strain such injuries can put on yourself and relationships with family or loved ones. Our personal injury experts will be proactive in getting you not only the financial compensation you deserve, but the best possible rehabilitation and support networks too.

        Our personal injury solicitors will listen to the accident circumstances and will be able to advise you as to the validity of road traffic accident claims / car accident claims.

        We will ask for a few basic details to complete the necessary paperwork. We will then send you a letter that you sign giving permission for the Specter Partnership solicitors to act on your behalf, send that back to us and it is as easy as that.

        Speak in confidence with our solicitors today. They will offer you free, qualified, legal advice on making a road accident compensation claim.

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