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        Gynaecological Claims

        Gynaecological problems occur throughout a woman’s life and not just whilst women are fertile. Therefore many problems can arise that require medical intervention.

        Specialist Expertise

        We are experienced in dealing with all types of gynaecology claims as a result of surgical errors and negligence leading to further surgery and injuries, and in particular, claims arising from:

        • Damage caused during abortion
        • Damage caused during laparoscopic procedures
        • Fitting of coil device
        • Contraception prescription 
        • Failure to diagnose pregnancy
        • Post-operative complications
        • Total abdominal hysterectomy claims
        • Pelvic Floor Repair claims
        • Cancer misdiagnosis

        How We Can Help

        If you have suffered as a result of a gynaecological operation or procedure, we can help you to seek financial compensation for the injuries you have suffered, and for any long term care and out of pocket expenses incurred.

        Our experienced team will guide you through the complex legal process, ensuring that you receive the best possible outcome to your gynaecology compensation claim.

        We offer a no charge confidential consultation, following which we will assess your claim.

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